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Purple Foam is a german four-piece with strong influences from New Wave and Garage Punk. Since they were grounded in 2012 they are heading for their very own niche in Synth Punk. Comparable with La Femme or Frustration they developed a symbiosis of musical styles that has an outstanding character. You will find a grooving rhythm section next to noise rock elements as well as fluttering synths and political lyrics, paired with in-your-face punk and hardcore influences. The passionate vocal style of frontman Henning Penske invites you to his world of chaos and love.

Shows all over the DIY Underground as well as gigantic events like the Chaos Computer Congress in Leipzig led them to almost every kind of audience – leaving them all sweaty and smiling after the show, knowing this was a special event.

Purple Foam

Recent Shows at cool places like Kulturkosmos Lärz, Chaos Computer Congress Leipzig, Rahuset & Ungdomshuset Kopenhagen, CBGB Malmö, Treibsand Lübeck, JAZ Rostock, Jamel rockt den Förster, Sommerschlacht Gadebusch, Wagenplatz Göttingen, Komplex Schwerin, CSD Potsdam, AJZ Kita, Lankow Locals Skateboard Contest, Mellow Park Berlin, Tikozigalpa Wismar, Kunstverein Schwerin and many many more.  
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